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David is one of the best strategic minds I have worked with. His ability to unearth and synthesise socio-cultural trends and individual psychological insights into business recommendations is second to none. Because of the deeply insightful way he thinks about people, culture and societies, his solutions to business problems stand the test of time, even in these tumultuous times.

Santanu Chakrabarti, Head of Audiences (Digital), BBC 

I have worked with David for many years and have always found him to be an incredibly considered, intelligent and culturally attuned partner. He is brilliantly skilled at getting under the skin of surface level responses, and has a real ability to connect his learnings and outputs to the broader cultural context, resulting in much richer, more insightful debriefs.

 Jane Bamber, Consumer Planning and Brand Development Director, Diageo


David stands out in the world of insight and research for his breadth of understanding, his empathy with consumers and clients alike - and the rigour and depth of his analysis.
A class act from A to the ‘Z’ of Zoetrope and back.

Richard Swaab, Deputy Chairman, AMV BBDO

Zoetrope in 3 words: clarity, creativity, credibility. They deliver insight with great skill, joining the dots, translating complex cultural landscapes into business opportunities, with practical strategic recommendations for how to go after them.  They bring a creative, flexible problem-solving attitude which is a real asset for us in Innovation.  And they have such a rich network, they’re fantastic at bringing just the right talent onto a project.

Ana Ferreira, Global Head of Beer Innovation (Africa), Diageo

David is the ideal partner, with two particularly strong suits. First, a deep experience of the ways cultures, and modes of thinking, vary around the world. And second, the ability to make the leap from data to wisdom, through compelling strategic recommendations. Both these days are invaluable.

Robert Jones, ex-Head of New Thinking, Wolff Olins

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