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David Burrows founded Zoetrope to help clients 

navigate change and cultural complexity - particularly across borders - unlocking new sources of growth


He's spent his 28-year career making sense of people and cultures to guide brand, communication and innovation strategies for some of the world’s most future-focused businesses, NGOs and public service organisations: from jeans to whisky to detergent to TV to coffee to crisps to smoking cessation to beer to fighting corruption...

Born in London, he's lived in and worked in France, Italy, Mexico, the USA - and India, where he launched and ran an agency.  He has a deep understanding of sub-Saharan African markets.  And he's no stranger to East and South-East Asia

With an MA from Cambridge in European literature and film, David many years ago lived in an actual garret in Paris translating poetry


He's still in love with movies - and some poetry


He used to dream of being a professional 800 metre runner - but the furthest he got was a 'Burrows is Best' headline in the local paper.  These days he prefers to be on his bike 

He once played banjo at Glastonbury, in a rockabilly band called the Shake N Vacs


David speaks fluent French and Italian; pretty decent Spanish and German; really rudimentary Hindi and Swahili

David Photo Croyde 2020.jpg



We talk about 'We' the whole time because Zoetrope is all about collaboration.  David may be running the show, but any project will involve working hand-in-glove with ex-colleagues, long-standing local partners, new faces bringing new skills - from the four corners of the world.  Many of whom are literally the best in the world at what they do


Semioticians; anthropologists; ethnographers; psychologists; project managers; photographers; videographers; event managers; journalists; designers; strategists; creatives; data scientists; quantitative specialists; and so many other assorted thinkers, shapers and makers 

We've worked together (in most cases) for years.  We're on the same wavelength.  But we all bring different perspectives to the table.  It’s a complete liberation to be able to assemble exactly the team who'll bring the most value to a given challenge 


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